The Evolution Of Dr. Hitesh Patel Edison In The Healthcare World


Dr. Hitesh Patel Edison is a man that has made huge waves all over the country, he is a board certified ophthalmologist at the state of New Jersey where is also operating the Patel Eye Associates. The PEA is an organization of highly skilled individuals in the industry of eye care and everything involved in it, Hitesh is the main founder and also the owner of the establishment. Other than PEA, he is also the owner of the Patel Eye Care and Rehabilitation Foundation. Before he became capable of opening two entities in the Jersey community, Patel first served his 6 years of residency training at the state of Pennsylvania. Since he is a graduate of a 4 year course in medicine at the Jefferson Medical College in Pennsylvania, Histesh initially began his passion in the craft by committing his time for internship at the Crozer Chester Medical Center which is also at Philadelphia, PA. Patel right after graduating, also decided to learn other types of languages while he was in the practice, he believed that by doing this he is expanding his network for his career in the near future.

Among being perfectly fluent in Spanish, French and English, Dr. Hitesh Patel Edison is also knowledgeable in other dialects such as a number of Hindi languages and Gujarati. Patel didn’t just made the effort in investing his years in studying the whole practice of medicine, by learning a couple of languages, he was able to communicate to those who are being unheard and misinterpreted in the healthcare department. Because of his ability to communicate to other patients in another language, this provided Patel a good amount of leverage for his place in the eye care industry. Many were amazed at his capabilities to perform and conduct certain operations for patients who don’t normally understand the universal language.

More than being able to properly communicate and connect with his patients properly, Dr. Hitesh Patel Edison also sees to it that each and every client is being pampered like a VIP or a royalty at his clinic. His previous clients all agree that Patel’s methods and treatments and approaches in eye care are all innovative and completely efficient in delivering the job done. That is because, Histesh and the people from the Patel Eye Associates are all highly skilled in the treatment and prevention of cataract infections and diseases, and they are even being considered by many as the leading ophthalmology clinic in the entire New Jersey state. When Dr. Hitesh is not submerged in his clinic with appointments, he can be found in seminars and conferences that deal with his line of expertise, most of the time he conducts talks and is also being invited as a speaker.

Making Mattresses an Industry and Art

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